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Outdoor fun isn’t a performance, but the outfit still needs to perform. Face every weather with Reima®, Reimatec® or Reimatec®+.


Guaranteed Reima quality for everyday wear
Reima® products are perfectly suited for school days and everyday wear at home. All red level outerwear products are weatherproof, comfortable, breathable, and designed with children’s safety in mind. Do you need sun protection for the beach, or warming layers for cold weather? We have the perfect product for every occasion.

• Durable
• Weatherproof, comfortable and designed with children’s safety in mind
• The water column value (measure of waterproofness) of materials is 3,000–10,000 mm (from waterproof in average rain to very waterproof in heavy rain)
• Main seams are taped or welded closed to keep moisture out
• Free from harmful chemicals, dirt and water-resistant PFOA-free surface treatment in woven outdoor fabrics


A focus on waterproof properties and breathability
The weather may change as the day goes on but our Reimatec® line guarantees more outdoor playtime rain or shine. Breathable, waterproof clothing means better comfort and more play time. The Reimatec collection is made to meet kids’ changing needs, ranging from everyday outdoor play to adventures in the most challenging conditions. The seams are taped on our jackets, pants and coveralls, meaning that kids stay dry even if they’re sitting in water! Many winter styles contain sporty details, too, such as soft inner cuffs on the sleeves and snow locks on the legs.

• A waterproof, breathable, comfortable all-weather product that’s easy to care for
• Water column 5,000 – 15,000 mm provides waterproofness from average rain to heavy rain and even prolonged sitting on wet surfaces
• Seams are taped and waterproof
• Highly durable
• Dirt-resistant material that’s free from harmful perfluorocarbons


The newest innovation in high-tech details
Are you looking for the best possible performance and a design that provides ultimate comfort? Reimatec®+ outfits are a safe choice for playing in the snow and skiing. Our functional products are enhanced with the latest technical innovations and sporty details, that look great and perform even better in the most demanding conditions.

• High-tech fabrics with functional and sporty details
• Water column up to 15,000 mm, suitable for extreme weather conditions
• Seams are taped and waterproof
• Highly durable
• Dirt-resistant material that’s free from harmful perfluorocarbons